Pasha Ali

2023 SKUSA Winter Series Round 1 – 3rd Place (DQ for loss of chain guard)
2023 SKUSA Winter Series Round 4 – 3rd Place
2023 AMR Karting Challenge Round 1 – 2nd Place
2022 USPKS and SKUSA Pro Tour (Rookie Season) – 12th Place (Best finish – 6th Place)

Karting Championships
2020 North Texas Mega Season – Kid Kart (Track Record)
Fall 2020 Greater Houston Racing Series – Kid Kart (Track Record)
2021 Texas Sprint Racing Series Kid Kart Champion
Additional Track Records – Tulsa Kart Club Oval and Road Course Standard

Pasha Ali is living the fast life as an 9-year-old go kart driver for Parolin USA. He hopes to one day follow in his father’s footsteps to become a professional race car driver and has dreams of competing in Formula 1.

Pasha spent the first couple of years of his life crisscrossing the country with his father as he competed in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Series. By 18-months old his most common words were “Vroom Vroom!” and “ca(he couldn’t say the ‘r’ quite yet),” and his parents immediately knew racing would also be life for their son.

Pasha got his first taste of competition on his Strider balance bike, a two-wheel pedal-less bike. By the time he was 3-years-old, he was chasing podiums in the Strider Cup, scoring his first racing win and finishing 22nd in the world after a bad fall in the Strider World Cup in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a 4-year-old, Pasha won every race becoming the unofficial U.S.A. Strider Champion and finished 12th in the world in the Strider World Cup in Boulder, Colorado.

At 5-years-old Ali put the pedal to the metal in his first Kid Kart go-kart. By 6-years-old Pasha held multiple kid kart track records across the Southwest and was the Texas Sprint Racing Series 2021 Kid Kart Champion. In January of 2022, Pasha moved up to the cadet two-stroke class and has scored multiple top 10’s at the national level in his rookie season. In 2023, Pasha is considered by “eKarting News”, the largest karting publication in the United States to be a national title contender for podiums and wins.

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