Vinnie Meskelis

Hi, my name is Vinnie Meskelis, I was born in Belo Horizonte [Brazil], and I have been living in the US with my parents since 2014. As far as I can remember I wanted to become a professional race car driver even if my family tried to orient me to other sports. After I saved enough money from mowing lawns in my neighborhood, I bought my own kart in 2020 during the pandemic and began racing in Texas regional races. Eight months ago, I was introduced to a French coach, Christian Boudon, whose company signed me under management and provided the framework to support me in all ways to the top.

In these eight months, my life has drastically changed, as I have learned that pretty much everything I thought I knew about racing was to forget. That the physical strength I thought I had was non existing, and that the mental power I was using was far from what is required. I learned that while I thought I was practicing on the simulator in the comfort of my family home, none of that was reflecting what I needed to do at the track…I basically had to relearn everything, and I needed to acquire that knowledge fast and in full to catch up with my goal. All of which is now provided by the team that supports me, JC Lecoq as my sport psychologist, Ro Suarez as my physical trainer, and Christian Boudon as my mentor and coach. Since then, physical pain, continuous muscle soreness, and mental exhaustion have become my closest friends, and my family became my refuge for recovery.

I was reading my story extrapolate from my dreams, I have become the writer of my own story. I can now progress as a Pro Karting driver in my own tiny racing operation structure using a fraction of the budget that major teams were asking for, and I have already beaten some of the biggest names in American karting… Imagine what we could do with the added resources, using a partnership exchange business model.

I am crafting my own destiny and I have already started positively and strongly a steep launching ramp to success. This is a prime opportunity for you to join me in this journey to the top and create our future together. Do you want to be an advocate for diversity in American Motorsports? If so, we can partner and get to experience the winning feeling in motorsport racing. Besides, there’s nothing better than seeing your name or your brand in victory lane on the car that just won the race. So, do you want to write this story with me? Even better, do you want to become part of history? Contact us at christianb@ccb-group.com, you will be happy you did it!

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